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Topic: new MIDI-Controller Instrument and a GPO-pitching question

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    new MIDI-Controller Instrument and a GPO-pitching question


    is it possible to use the pitch information in order to bend the GPO instruments more then a few half tones (with some kind of sample blending instead of using just the sample that was played at the note on)? A bending range of two octaves up and two octaves down would be optimal. Unfortunately I only have the Kontakt Player that's part of the GPO package, not the full Kontakt (2) version.

    I'd need that for a project I'm currently working on, for people that are also on the search for new possibilities how to play digital instruments more "natural" here a short subsumption that I already posted in the SynthMaker forum:

    I want to build an instrument that consists of two ribbons that are mounted above each other and a breath controller, where the ribbons act as some kind of "special featured" strings: In "base mode" the lower ribbon playes the notes c0 to c4, the upper one c4 to c8. (Well in order to hear something one has to blow into the breath controller of course). Now if one holds a "string" and touches the other one while still holding the first one the other string tunes itself a quint higher if the new touching point is below the one on the original string and otherwise one quint deeper if the new touching point is above the original one. If one releases one of the strings, the other one becomes the new "reference string" for new touches of the other string. If both strings are released the instrument goes back to base mode (c0 to c4 for the lower and c4 to c8 for the upper string). An important aspect is that volume/velocity is controlled by the breath controller so one can play "silent switches" e.g. to make jumps in runs that are greater than a quint etc. That instrument could be fun to play Smile (As the strings are frettless it will perhaps have a relatively steep learning curve - but it should be easier than e.g. a violin as the scale is not logarithmic but linear.)

    The neccessary tuning-script is already partially usable (did it with Bidule for the moment as Synthmaker is not quite ready yet for this task, so you'll need Bidule for it - the good news is that it's usable for Mac users that way, too) but I couldn't test it as a whole because the breath controller is still missing (the ribbons-thingy already works). So if someone already has the neccessary parts (would wait to buy the components just for the instrument as I can't promise that everything works out as expected) stay tuned for perhaps one additional week, then I should be ready to post the script somewhere. (For ribbons I used two Doepfer R2Ms with a Midisolutions Breath-To-MIDI converter and a Yamaha BC3 Breath Controller (which is ordered but has not arrived yet...) but people that have some knowledge in electrotechnics should be able to build the neccessary components much cheaper themselves - I myself am rather helpless on that subject matter though...).
    Will need some time until I am able to play that instrument good enough in order to give you some music demos - I'm currently making my first steps to halfway playing in tune with the ribbons, a completely new challenge for someone who never played any other instrument than a piano


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    Re: new MIDI-Controller Instrument and a GPO-pitching question

    sounds interesting!

    As a player of the guitar, violin, viola and cello, I have had an idea for a four ribbon instrument for midi applications. Held like a Chapman stick, it could be played with both hands using a wind controller or expression pedal for dynamics - in case you would like to sing or dance while playing.

    Let us know your progress.
    Bosco Adama

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