I\'m trying to troubleshoot a computer at the local studio that has GigaStudio 160 installed (patched to

2.01.something). I\'m desperate to fix the random freezes problem: GS freezes the pc completely (no blue screen or

error messages, cold reboot required) at random. If I leave the GS running, not doing anything, after 30min it\'s

100% that the PC will be frozen. But it can happen any time, even after 5 min, during work or idle.

The PC configuration is following:
Athlon 800Mhz
EPOX EP7KXA (KX-133 chipset, 4x AGP, UltraATA66, latest BIOS)
Western Digital 10Gb IDE UltraDMA33 (Windows 98SE and GigaStudio - all fresh install)
Maxtor DiamondMax 40 Plus 40Gb IDE 7200rpm UltraATA66 with 80-pin cable (for Gigs and Audio, formatted with :z/64)
192Mb RAM
TB Multisound Pinnacle (also tried with Soundblaster Live value - same thing)
Guillemot Prophet 3D (GeForce 256 SDR 32Mb) video (latest BIOS)

I installed fresh Win98SE (3rd time now), flashed fresh BIOS to motherboard and video, tried disabling sound

acceleration, exchanged soundcards, lowered mamory speed settings in BIOS, tried installing VIA drivers for AGP and

bus mastering and tried running with defaul drivers, enabled and disabled \"dma\" option in windows and tried more or

less everything I can think of. GS overall stability has improved, but the random freezes still occure frequently,

rendering it unuseable for serious work. All other applications are rock-stable and there are no IRQ or other conflicts.

If anyone can advise, please do. I\'m desperate to make it work. They have given up on this PC and stick with hardware samplers, but I really need GS for my project.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate your help.