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Topic: Liquid Sax demos are up...

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    Liquid Sax demos are up...

    Some promising noises there. The audio quality of the sample files don't do it justice, IMO. Oh well, more waiting...

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    Re: Liquid Sax demos are up...

    Don't forget the link: http://www.ueberschall.com/index.php...er_uschall_pi1[showCDs]=yes&user_uschall_pi1[showUid]=61

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    Re: Liquid Sax demos are up...

    For some reason, this forum will not accept a link that has [] in it! Anyhow, this URL will still get you to the right site. Just find the Liquid Instruments link on that page...

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    Re: Liquid Sax demos are up...

    Well, some of the examples sound good. My biggest beef is that the saxes are almost drowned out by the accompaying parts. Just gives us a sax quartet demo!!!

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    Re: Liquid Sax demos are up...

    I agree to an extent. Still, it's good to hear the thing in context. Only thing that concerns me is a.) some aliasing artifacts, which I'm sure is due to their audio encoding, and b.) a couple of phrases in one or two songs were sonically inconsistent -- one sax articulation/phrase sounded more ambient, and was followed by a second articulation/phrase that sounded more close-up. I think I also noticed one or two instances of the sax shifting to the left or right. We won't know until we can get an actual view from an unbiased party.

    - Keith

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