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Topic: Pops and Clicks !!!

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    Pops and Clicks !!!

    Dear Gigastudio/sampler users. I need your

    I am experiencing pops/clicks when playing an
    Instrument such as Gigapiano. I have tested
    each note to see if it could be a bad gigapiano disc but I could not find any glitch with any of the notes. I have a Aardvark Pro 24/96 sound card and I own a
    Pentium 3 , 128RAM. I am running my Gigastudio sounds on a seperate harddrive.
    My harddrive is a Seagate Baracuda Ultra ATA 66. The reason why I purchased the 2nd drive was that I experienced these pops n glitches
    with my original C: Western Digital Ultra 66 drive and though there was too much load running Gigastudio on 1 drive. Then I bought the Seagate Ultra Ata 66 7200RPM 8.2 seek time.

    Is there anyone with a suggestion to get rid of the pops n clicks.

    My Diagnosis is when I play single notes its fine but when I keep my sustain pedal for a long time/or play 10 notes simaltaneously I get a click, however I can also play 10 notes simultaneously and not get glitches at times. The pops are not there constantly just when it reaches to a pop then the pop continues and stops. My reading with my meters look normal. I have Gigastudio 96 and have my pyliphony set to 96, but I only play Gigapiono and my cpu says 33% when my peak is at 78 and my polyphony(voices is at 54)

    I have DMA setting enabled and my accelerator is set low too.

    Any advice on getting smooth performance and no pops will be appreciated.


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    Re: Pops and Clicks !!!

    I was having pops and clicks too with the first version of gigastudio, but when I downloaded the beta 2.01 and installed the clicks disappeared. I do not have the same soundcard (mine is a WaMi Rack24) but perhaps the result is the same.

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    Re: Pops and Clicks !!!

    I have the same sound card (Aardvark Pro 24/96) and a P3 500MHz UW-SCSI, and the same
    problems with clicking in gigapiano when
    playing about 10 notes at once.
    I\'ll look into the beta version...

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