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Topic: instalation issues

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    Question Stylus RMX instalation issues

    I installed the stylus plugin but get no sounds into the plugin
    i followed the instructions in the dvd

    I installed the stylus dll to c progfiles flstudio plugins vst
    i then copied the files toon dvd 1 and 2 to the d prog files spectasonics dir
    i ran the prog and it still cant find any sounds
    whats up with that?
    + the movie wont work 4 me

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    Re: instalation issues

    There's a section that covers diagnosing problems like this in the FAQs:

    - Glenn

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    Re: instalation issues

    that was no help anything else?

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    Re: instalation issues

    If the answer is not in the FAQs, then contact tech support (make sure you have your serial number ready) and they'll help you out.

    - Glenn

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