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Topic: 1.6 new features where art thou

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    1.6 new features where art thou

    This from the Harmony Central website in the description for 1.6:

    > Ability to save/load multiple instruments to a specified MIDI channel

    This sounds great. I\'ve been desperately wanting something like this for a while. Sounds like it could greatly speed up the auditioning process.

    > Ability to load multiple performances via drag-and-drop

    Also excellent.

    Now if someone could tell me where to find these new features in 1.6 so I could actually start using them I\'d be very grateful.

    - Chris

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    Sorry about the double post.

    PapaChalk / DeSound feel free to get rid of one or the other.

    - C.

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    drag and drop multiple GIG´s at once from the windows explorer 2 GS! The dragged sounds will appear on the next free MIDI slot (dragging directly into e.g. slot 7 not possible). It works fine. Good feature e.g. to prelisten tons of sounds imported from an AKAI CD-ROM - just drag a whole partition on GS and step through the samples via MIDIPrgChng.

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    I did notice another big improvement. You can now double click anyware on an instrument, not just the tiny arrow on the right. The file selector then opens, which finally remembers the path were you where the last time. Also you can drag performances to a specific channel and GS will load all instruments in that performance, without erasing previous loaded performances.

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    Hey Joris, neat trick.

    Any tips for saving performances to the right folder?


    - Chris

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    Unfortunatly no. This normally would not be such a problem. Unfortunatly there is a little bug in 1.6. If you load a performance and then resave, you get a double file extension (name.prf.prf). Fortunstly windows allows you to move your files to folders by just dragging them in the taskbar menu.

    BTW The best thing to do is to make a shortcut to the original performances folder (inside the GS folder). This way GS saves to your root performances folder and you only have to move it 1 folder deeper to get it at the right place.

    [This message has been edited by Joris Vincken (edited 08-05-1999).]

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    OK I get it.

    Hmmm, not quite what I had in mind, I guess I had a little case of wishful thinking.

    What I REALLY want:

    To be able to tell GS to load an instrument when double-clicking NOT to the next available channel, but to a channel *I specify and can easily change*.

    This drag and drop performance to one channel business is sort of cool but it means to load a bunch of sounds they have to already be in a performance of some kind. I just want fast easy auditioning of individual instruments as I choose them from the instrument loader.

    (Draqgging individual insgtruments to a channel doesn\'t work for me because I tend to miss, then I have to go figure out what sound I had on the \"unintended\" channel... ugh)

    Sorry for the ramble. I guess this should be in the Wish List section.

    Oh yeah, while I\'m off topic: heirarchical folder structure for loading/saving performances ... please?

    - Chris

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    Chris, it\'s not the ultimate solution, but since 1.6 you can do the following. Make folders etc. for your performances and then (when using Iexplorer 5.0) drag a shortcut to the windows taskbar. Now you can open the performance folder and just drag the performance onto GS. Works just as good as Nemesys should have done it.

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    Re: 1.6 new features where art thou

    The 1.6 help file is now available. Go to the 1.6 download page on the NemeSys website and scroll to bottom for details. This will allow you to save a zip file to your system. Unzip it and you will have the 1.6 help file.
    Thanks for your patience.
    Dave of NemeSys

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