Hi all Giga Users,

im in troubles since it\'s come for me the moment to upgrage my system to a more serious sound card than my two old SoundBlaster Awe 64.
My home system should works this way: gigastudio is my software sampler, and the soundcard should be able to route giga out to cubase inputs while recording my live performance. i dont plan to use digital in/out and stuff like that at the moment, but since im buying it now, it would be good if the soundcard could allow future expansions.
I thought to a second hand Pulsar card a friend of mine would sell me, its internal mixer looks really powerful and impressive, but i have read somewhere of some Gigastudio and cubase problem afflicting this card. Can someone comfirm this ? Or can someone give me any suggestion concerning another card (echo? dsp factory?).Giga Gsif compatibility is my main worry.

Thanks in advance for your precious help,