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Topic: Very OT: computer resolution problem

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    Very OT: computer resolution problem

    I own a Radeon X800. I opened up a game, and tried setting the resolution to 1024X768 from 1152X864. It worked, but the screen shrinks as well. I've had 1024X768 in full-screen mode in the past, but now it shrinks. I've encountered this problem with my old GeForce card. Anybody else have this problem and know how to fix it?

    Danke in advance.

    - Herr Sapp

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    Re: Very OT: computer resolution problem

    Changing the refresh rate might help a bit, but you then might end up having to switch back and forth between refresh rates as you go from game to game and from game to Windows desktop.


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    Re: Very OT: computer resolution problem

    Whats kind of weird is that at 800X600 I can have full screen mode. So 800X600 and 1152X864 I can have full screen, but not 1024X768...

    Again, I've been able to have 1024X768 in full screen before, but not now. Hmm.

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    Re: Very OT: computer resolution problem

    I have this same problem too and haven't yet come to a solution.

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    Re: Very OT: computer resolution problem

    I'm sorry for hijacking this thread temporarily but does anyone know a simple solution for getting Windows XP to support higher refresh rates than 80 Hz? I have a Matrox G550, Samsung SyncMaster 1200NF and Samsung SyncMaster 1100p Plus. I have the Powerstrip but I don't want to use it anymore as I don't want any unnecessary backround processes running on my DAW.

    I haven't found a driver for the 1200NF but even the 1100p Plus which has the driver installed can't get higher than 80 Hz. I see flickering on both screens and my eyes get tired. Before I used Powerstrip to get 90 Hz for the main screen.

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    Re: Very OT: computer resolution problem

    I had something like that happening to me some time ago and it was related to the monitor drivers (something wrong with refresh rates and so)

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