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Topic: super duper

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    Re: super duper

    Personally I think that, if Nemesys can give Sound Chaser management enough detail for them to be able to commit to a standard hardware design which maximises the Gigastudio\'s performance, the rest of us should be supplied with that spec.

    I\'m still not sure if my I/O card is ideal, or that I have a sensible amount of ram, which style of OS is best, etc,etc.,

    I know you can\'t describe one system to suit all individuals - especially when your trying to keep competing hardware suppliers on side, and no one wants to tout a system requirement spec which is unattainable in some peoples view, but that hasn\'t stopped Nemesys giving more concrete and detailed info for building a system to both Alexander University and Sound Chaser than I\'ve been able to glean from this site, Sonic Sontrol or Nemesys themselves.

    I suppose I\'ve simply \'got the hots for whats in the box\'. (Do you guys have Domino\'s pizzas over there?)

    Anyway, I feel confident that I and other registered users out there could benefit greatly from being graced with the same information which Nemesys has given these two suppliers.

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