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Topic: rice crispies with big Gigs

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    rice crispies with big Gigs

    I get crackling sound on Gigapiano. All gigs with a size less than 200MB play fine at full poliphony. I have tried to remove Gigapiano, defrag my dedicated Gig drive (SCSI LVD 7200rpm IBM ) and reload the Gigapiano Gig file. I have also tried to increase the cluster size of the fat32 partition from 4K to 32K , and then I tried converting partition to fat(DOS) with no improvement. The only way to get rid of the rice crispies seems to be to set the FileCache to Min/Max=0, which of course is not exactly helping Cubase. Is there maybe something wrong with the harddrive streaming capacity. I use the same type of disk for my audio and have had no problems to record 16 tracks simultaneously in Cubase.
    Am I missing something?
    my PC: P3 600, 256MB, UDMA66 drive for system & apps, IBM LVD 9Gig SCSI drive for audio, and another one of these for Giga samples. adaptec 19160 controller.

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    Re: rice crispies with big Gigs

    I believe \'latency\' is the cause for your problem. I have an T-Bird 900 and an A7V motherboard that has Promise Ultra ATA-100 chip onboard as well as VIA Ultra ATA-66, and Maxtor 40g speedy gig drive. I thought that putting the drive on ATA-100 would be good. WRONG. The Promise Ultra ATA-100 is good for streaming sequential data, but the controller\'s latency is so big that I could only have at most 60 polyphony for gigapiano.

    After I moved my Maxtor to VIA\'s controller, I\'m getting FULL 160 poly with GigaPiano.

    Beware that Giga drive can\'t be shared with any other drives (ESPECIALLY CDROM). This will slow down your gigadrive big time. When I had the drive shared with CDROM, I was getting only 40 poly MAX.

    For the information, my system is AMD T-Bird 900, 384Mb PC-100, Maxtor 40 gig giga drive, Seagate Baracuda 20 gig for system, ASUS A7V mobo and is using only VIA IDE controller.

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    Re: rice crispies with big Gigs

    Thanks abi,
    that\'s interesting what you say about your IDE controllers. However, I don\'t think that it is the controller in my case. 1st I use Ultra 160 SCSI only , and the adaptec controller should be fine. 2nd When I turn down the vcache to \"0\", it works fine. So it can\'t be a problem of \'latency\' of the SCSI controller, because the vcache settings do not affect the hardware nor its drivers.

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    Re: rice crispies with big Gigs

    Toby, just a suggestion: The 160 mb/sec LVD transfer may block your pci bus and cause the crackling sound - to test it, you can open your scsi bios at boot-up and change the max transfer rate to something very low.

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    Re: rice crispies with big Gigs


    I am considering the similar setup like yours. Whats your impresions about Thunderbird + A7V combo? Is it faster than similar PIII setup.

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    Re: rice crispies with big Gigs

    Toby: Hmm... that\'s weird that it works with VCACHE MIN MAX=0. Mine is 1/4 memory which is 96 meg. If I set it to 0, then I will get the sound as the computer is too slow to keep up (delays in streaming the sound, but not crackles).

    Viktor: I haven\'t tried PIII. This T-Bird system is brand new, I just built it 3 days ago. Previously, I had AMD 550 with the AMD 751 chipset, which with the same exact drive and memory, I was getting half of the polyphony (80). I\'m very impressed with the T-Bird - A7V.

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