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Topic: Chaining loops on one track?

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    Chaining loops on one track?

    Hey there, I've searched for this question and couldn't find anything easily...plus, wasn't sure exactly what to search for (keywords) so here is my question.

    I'm remixing a song. So, I'm breaking down the song into measures and phrases and converting them into RMX and they're working wonderful. However, I was wondering if I could 'chain' loops somehow on a single track in RMX.

    For example, I have an 8 bar break in the song. I make 2 samples (4 bars apiece...2 4 bar loops in other words) Eqing the loops and adding groove elements works great...but I want to use the OTHER loop, I need to use another track in RMX.

    So, I'm using Sonar 4 PE. Is there a way to use multiple loop files on one track in RMX? I guess is to make them groove clips on their own track in sonar...however I've tried that real quick and it's a TON harder to get everything to synch up as nice as it does when everything is in RMX.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Chaining loops on one track?

    Sure...you can use Groove Menu MIDI Mode.

    Check out the MIDI Mode tutorial on how it works.


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