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Topic: Independent HDs vs. Stripping HDs in New DAW

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    Independent HDs vs. Stripping HDs in New DAW

    First, large thank yous to Pete Leoni, Jose Catena, Bruce Richardson, hurchalla, Fat Stratplayer, and Mike Baker for filling my head with wonderful ideas about optimizing a 2 HD system in a cutting edge roll your own DAW. I have decided to follow Baker\'s advice and put 2 IBM 75GXP ATA100 7200rpm HDs onto a KT7-RAID motherboard (ATA100 capable) running an overclocked Duron 700, built and tested by Bill Jeffers at Outside Loop Computers. I want to optimize the system to run Cakewalk 9 and GigaStudio thru a LAYLA 20 sound card for a home hobby use DAW. For my personal use, it may not matter, but I enjoy learning the theory and practical purposes of optimization. So, which is best:

    1) 2 independent 20 GB HDs, non-RAID, one with OS and Giga files and the other with CW and waves, or

    2) 2 HD RAIDed - 0 to stripe 1 40 GB partition. or

    3) 2 HDs RAIDed - 0 to stripe to several partitions, C: for OS, D: for waves; E: for Gigs and F: for programs.

    I guess I like to bleed at my ability to be on the cutting edge. I am pretty stupid when it comes to interfacing all this hard and software but I am learning a lot and having fun spending money in a budget kind of way. I needed to pass on my PII 400 so the kids could do their home work. Thank you all for any advice you can give!!!!

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    Re: Independent HDs vs. Stripping HDs in New DAW


    You raise some very good questions. For what it\'s worth I\'ll tell you about my setup situation. It may or may not be in the cards but after only a couple of weeks with this setup I am convinced that it, at least for me, is the way to go.
    For years I had been a Mac guy who only did my music on the Mac. Then GS came along and I sold the old Mac to because of the possibilities of GS with my music. I quickly realized that even with a PIII550, 256 megs of ram, and 2 7200 rpm hard drives that there still had to be a better way. So just for the heck of it I borrowed a Mac from a friend of mine and hooked the two up via midi. Now I have GS controlled from Digital Performer on a Mac G4/400 with 192 megs of ram. It is absolutely incredible! I am working on a midi file of Festive Overture by Shostakovich right now to see how close I can get it to sounding like a live a recording and after two it\'s pretty darn close.
    I know the expense of two computers is not cheap so this may be more fore the person who has a Mac and is thinking about selling it for a PC. My advice would be keep the Mac and buy a $1000 PC and dedicate it to GS. Believe me you will not be sorry!
    Let me know if I can be of anymore help to you.


    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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