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Topic: Echo Gina 3G soundcard (for home PC recording)

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    Echo Gina 3G soundcard (for home PC recording)

    I recently purchased the Gina 3G and a Shure KSM27 microphone to use to record in a sequencer (I currently use Acid 4.0f). When I installed the Gina 3G (I also had a Soundblaster Audigy installed) and set it as the default audio output for my PC, all of the sounds on my computer began playing in slow motion (lower pitch, slower speed). I thought this could be a clash with the Soundblaster Audigy, so I uninstalled all my sound drivers then took out the Audigy. The Gina continued to play sounds in slow motion. I tried locking the sample rate at 44,100 and 48,000, but it didn't fix the problem.

    Has anyone had a similar experience with the Gina? I have a VIA motherboard, and I read somewhere that getting an Intel chipset instead (with my P4 2.8 gHz) would be a good idea but might not fix the problem. I could reinstall XP if it's definitely the problem, but I have around 60 gigs of video that I haven't mixed yet, so I'd have to do alot of DVD burning (or... a little external harddrive buying).

    Thanks for any info!

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    Re: Echo Gina 3G soundcard (for home PC recording)

    I tried installing the Gina on my dad's comp.. same slow motion problem happened. I called Tech support and they told me to send it back for repairs or something... sooo it's gone for 3 weeks. Blast.

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