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Topic: VCR for Digitizing

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    VCR for Digitizing

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    I'm about to buy the "Canopus ADVC-110" to digitize client video to computer usable Digital Video. I am also looking to buy a VCR to use in the digitizing process. Are there particular options I should look for in a VCR besides the obvious....

    1) Hifi (Stereo ins and outs)
    2) VHS

    I haven't started taking projects from clients and was wondering if SVHS is still being used as opposed to regular VHS for format given to Composers. And if SVHS is still actively used, I guess I should go for a VCR that plays SVHS aswell (some Home VCR's have SVHS playback).

    I am on a budget so I am looking for a home model of VCR if I can get away with it.

    Any thoughts....

    thanks for you time.


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    Re: VCR for Digitizing

    Unfortunately, you might need something with timecode. You would need a pro-level S-VHS deck for that.


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    Re: VCR for Digitizing

    Timecode can be added in your NLE during the editing process. A standard 4-Head VHS machine should serve you well and won't cost much. In fact, you might hunt through some of the thrift stores and look for a used one, which cost about $15.

    Just make sure it's 4-head and hi-fi.
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