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Topic: motherboard

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    What ASUS motherboard is the best for the GigaStudio?
    Is the Asus P3V4X (VIA Apollo chipset) OK?
    Or should I choose the one with Intel BX chipset? Or it doesn\'t really matters?....


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    Re: motherboard

    FWIW, Nemesys recommend Intel chipsets, and I\'ve seen people with VIA chipsets saying they have problems.

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    Re: motherboard

    I use P3v4x\'s on both of my P3\'s and am not having problems with GSt or GS for that matter, that are attributable to the MB.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource

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    Re: motherboard

    I\'m using the Asus P3V4x with a PIII 733 Coppermine and Gigastudio 128 and it works great. I\'m using it with Cakewalk PA 9.03 and a Soundblaster Live value. It\'s been very reliable and fast.

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