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Topic: Portamento in KS Strings

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    Portamento error in KS Strings?

    I've found that portamento (CC20) doesn't work in "Sus+short mutes" in Vlns1 KS Combo. It does work fine in Sus+short but when I switch to mutes it doesn't work.
    Also, it works fine when loading "Sus+short mutes" as a separate instrument (and so does "Sus+short Ag" as well as "Tremolo")
    Same problem with Vlns2, Cello and Basses KS.

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    Re: Portamento in KS Strings

    This is odd.
    Maybe something went wrong during the innitial instalation of the library?

    If you aren't 'settled in' to the library yet I would recomend a reinstall. If you are settled in, I don't know what to do, because when I reinstalled after I was settled in all of my GPO studio files went bad.

    This is really weird.


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    Re: Portamento in KS Strings

    I want to know if this is a bug or if it's only me who experience this problem. Could someone please check this on his/her installation?


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