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Topic: Composers to study with in L.A./Hollywood ??

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    Composers to study with in L.A./Hollywood ??

    ----I posted this on a few others forums, but I thought I would give this forum a stab. Any help you can give would be tremendous. I have heard EIS, but that is looking rather costly. Anyone here taking on students ?

    Hi, my name is Sean Beeson. I am a student composer from Capital University in Columbus Ohio. (James Swearingen's University).

    This summer I have the grand opportunity to have an internship at a prominent company in West Hollywood, whereas I will be working extensively with music technology.

    I would though, like to study composition this summer, relating to film, or even other kinds of mediums with media. I am looking forward to working hard and learning at my intern job, and am hoping to complement it. (Especially since it is not cheap to live in that area, and I live in Ohio, so being in L.A. is a great opportunity for me to have.)

    You can visit my website at: www.seanbeeson.com

    And if anyone can help me, e-mail me at sbeeson@capital.edu
    ---Even if you can't help me, if you know someone who can, even another e-mail, it puts me one step closer.

    I can also e-mail a list of my credentials(7 films, 1 CD, 2 games) and resume' to any who are interested.

    Sean R. Beeson

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    Re: Composers to study with in L.A./Hollywood ??

    Hey Sean,

    Sorry I didn't get a chance to ask the composers yet that you and I discussed - shortly after that I had to take an unplanned trip out of town and I just got back 30 minutes ago. I will try real hard to get your email forwarded this evening or tomorrow afternoon at the latest.
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