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Topic: Harddisk Defragment

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    Harddisk Defragment

    Time to buy your tickets:
    3.2 minutes.

    Time to buy your popcorns:
    2.5 minutes.

    Time for them to steal your cars:
    60 seconds.

    Time to defragment your 28GB harddisk:
    12 hours....

    Deep White

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    Re: Harddisk Defragment

    Deep White

    There is a way around 12 hour defrags IF you have some spare space on your hard drive.

    I have 8 partitions on my 20 GB drive. I use 2 for OS and programs, 1 for Giga and the rest for audio files.

    When I defrag a file partition, I first move all the files to another partition, do the defrag, and then move them back.

    Moving the files will take 2 - 10 minutes depending on the size, but scan disk and defrag on the empty drive takes about 30 seconds each.

    You can\'t do that on your OS partition, but if it\'s about 2 GB, it should defrag in an hour or so, but the more often you defrag, the quicker it will go.

    Don\'t know if this will work for you as well as it does for me, but it is one advantage of lots of partitions.


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    Re: Harddisk Defragment

    I can see how it works for audio tracks, but doesn\'t Gigastudio want files to be in the same giga workspace - ie a master directory on a single drive/partition?

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    Re: Harddisk Defragment

    I defrag after every session. Actually, first I back up any changes in data (over the network to another system). Then I start to defrag, then I leave - for dinner, or a nap, or whatever.

    It doesn\'t take a lot of time, and there\'s no down time, since this maintenance is taking place when I don\'t need the system.

    Backup data, defrag everytime, after every session. Simple!


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    Re: Harddisk Defragment

    I\'m a little puzzled here. Folks talk about the necessity of defragmenting the partition or drive that contains your samples, but if the sample is being read only, and not being re-written back to the HD or partition in question, then it\'s not becoming fragmented. So the exercise is unnecessary, and causing undo wear to the HD. Am I missing something here?

    PS to Deep White: If your machine is taking 12 hours to defragment a drive, then there\'s another problem. I can understand the first defrag after a long time taking somewhat longer, but 12 hours is indicative of something else. A defrag program requests a lock on the drive, and it should have full CPU time at its disposal. I have my System partition sitting on a 28 Gig partition, and it takes only slightly over an hour.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource

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    Re: Harddisk Defragment

    This is the first defragment I do during setting up this computer from April.

    But 12 hours is still too long, right?

    My system is PIII750, Win98SE +2*28GB HD. No partition division.

    Deep White

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    Re: Harddisk Defragment

    The Defrag program that comes with Windows is awfully slow. Have you tried Speed Disk that is in Norton Utilities - it is much faster.

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    Re: Harddisk Defragment

    Nemesys say\'s don\'t use any other defrag programs except the one that comes with windows .
    Others like norton can cause proplems with giga studio/giga sampler.

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