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Topic: Flakey Audiophile 2496-to-SB Audigy hookup

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    Flakey Audiophile 2496-to-SB Audigy hookup

    Is my SPDIF cable going bad or I'm just nuts?

    I've got 2 machines--one has an Audiophile 2496 with an SPDIF output going into the SPDIF input on a SB Audigy 2 ZS on the other. Most often after a fresh reboot of both machines, I will not hear any sound coming from SPDIF inputs on the SB until I manually unplug the cable for about 5 seconds and plug it back in. I swear I've tried this with two different cables--one a little bit longer than the other but essentialy the same.

    I've tried tweaking the audio settings on both cards and it's been very fustrating to have sound working during one session, only to come back the next day and find it's no longer working without any changes.

    I've got the latest Audiophile and Audigy drivers. Both machines are running WinXP with SP2. Does anyone else have a similar setup and if so, have they ever seen this?

    Thanks for you help!


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    Re: Flakey Audiophile 2496-to-SB Audigy hookup

    Haven't worked with SPDIF but I do know computers in general.

    Sounds like a negotiation problem.


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    Re: Flakey Audiophile 2496-to-SB Audigy hookup

    You might be right about that. This sounds like a quirk with the SB Audigy card.

    The only thing new I can tell you is that when I double-click the AudioHQ icon in the Control Panel --> Device Controls --> Bit Accurate Mode tab, there's a line there that tells me what the incoming SPDIF signal is.

    When I first start GS3 with everything still hooked up, this says "Unknown or invalid signal". After I unplug and plug in the SPDIF cable in the Audigy again, it changes instantly to say "20 bit, stereo, 44100KHz" And then everything works.

    It's as if the Audigy doesn't recognize when the SPDIF signal gets kicked back on. Anyone else at least seen this?

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