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Topic: Using GS with a Mac

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    Using GS with a Mac

    I have been experimenting the past couple of days with using a G4 (with digital performer) and a PC together. Right now I just have them hooked up via midi and I must say that I am VERY impressed so far. I have been able to do just about anything I can think of. I can switch out instruments while DP is playing with no pops or clicks whatsoever. And there is NO latency between the two machines. If anyone has anything that they would like me to try just let me know and I\'ll let you know my results. All I can say is that this definately the way to go---at least for me

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    Re: Using GS with a Mac

    can you describe your setup in more detail:
    I\'m looking into coupling Logic 4.5 on Mac + Gigastudio on PC

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