Hi All,

I´m already busy in the cubase scene for a couple of years. But the things
are changing incredibly fast and I think the time has come to invest in some
new hardware, due to the new cubase features, like the VSTi and the new
recording standard at 24bit-96kHz, that I find very interesting. And also the new comer GigaStudio with I´d like to try out.

At the moment I have a slightly slow system, just an old 233 PII, 64Mb and
10gig of UDMA33 (one disk is UDMA66 but runs at 33), and a pretty dull
soundcard, the old famous Gus (please people don´t laugh, it worked for my
just fine during those years) and I make many tunes in the styles like
dance,club ,trance and I like to begin also with something new. At the
moment i haven´t have much gear but It all works fine for me. I´m also busy
with releaseing a track, but the record company hates my source material
(the quality of the sound is just poor) and told me that I have to find a
friend with a good studio or buying a new system with the capabilities to
deliver something good to them. My setup is, I think, very small, but they
were amazed how we create music with this music. We use the Yamaha Cs1x for
a couple of synths and the rest like the drums and string,soundFx and some other stuff are coming from Gigasampler, which runs fine. Only the harddiskrecording is just
****. So I guess with this system I won´t be able to run a couple of audio tracks with effects in combination with a few VSTi and off course, GigaStudio 160 (that I´m planning to buy in near future). So I defenitely need a new system for doing all this stuff.

My question is as follows. I´d like to buy a new system that would be more
or less capable of running those tasks at the same time. And that is more or
less prepared for the future.
I was thinking , info by my own research,about a PIII 600 at 133mhz busspeed
and also 128 SDRAM 133MHZ (later on upgrading to 256) and buying an extra Harddisk of 20 gig UDMA66 7200 beside my UDMA66 8.4 Gig that contains all the programs. Would this be
enough to run these proggies perfectly?

Also concerning the new soundcard, I already investigated a little bit and
I´m thinking to buy the Terratec MT88 which is capable of 24bit 96kHz and
overall the latency is extremely low (less than 10 ms I heard with the right
settings), for example live playing with the VSTi. And also concerning the
ourputs I don´t need them right know but I want te be prepared for more
studiogear. ANd does this card work perfectly in combination Cubase VST and GigaSampler? I mean running audiotracks and/or VSTi with gigasampler running?

Please help me out with this problem I have a budget like over $2000 to buy
all this stuff, which I think is sufficient to buy this stuff. Would this
idea be allright in combination with the terratec card. Or do you have
something better in mind.

Please all info and help is welcome,

Okay....I hope to hear something soon,
See ya,