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Topic: HELP... new user - gigaDYING

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    HELP... new user - gigaDYING

    Hey y\'all,

    Daunting as all the information in these posts are, I\'m relieved that you exist. I\'m a film composer in Toronto, Canada (yes, I do look like a South Park character) and I\'m on the verge of ordering a PC dedicated to the usage of GigaStudio. I\'m kinda worried about how much time and expense it will take to get the system to a functonal state. My priority in the design is to make it as stable as possible and keep costs low. I can later add on the bells and chimes (like SCSI) to an already solid set-up. Here\'s the config that I\'ve got uptill now:

    - Pentium III - Celeron (still not sure about this)
    - A-Bit Motherboard
    - 128mb Ram
    - Frontier Dakota 24 bit, 16 channel 2 port midi...
    - 10 Gig HD (internal)
    - Video card
    - 40x CD rom
    - Mid Tower Case
    - 56k modem

    My concerns are in the general compatability of each element and any wise improvements that would save me the trouble expansive experimentation. For example, whats the reputation of the CPU? Is my motherboard a sound choice? Would I save myself a lot of trouble by getting an external IDE drive or will the internal do for now? What\'s a good RAM requirement?

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated. You can reply to me at colinmus@interlog.com

    Thanks, EH?

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    Re: HELP... new user - gigaDYING

    If possible go for a second HD to store .gig files and opt for PIII Coppermine, 600-700 range instead of Celeron.

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    Re: HELP... new user - gigaDYING

    Take a close look at what these guys are recommending:

    It may seem like overkill, but after watching the posts to this forum, and considering that their spec has Nemesys\' blessing, I figure they are simply selling an honest system.
    My dealer laughed when I told him about the 768 mg ram for a sampler which sells itself on not being \'limited\' by ram, but if I had previously regarded 256 as minimum, maybe another 512 is worth looking at if it means using all the NFX and still getting 160 voices of polyphony in arrangements.....

    Good luck,

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    Re: HELP... new user - gigaDYING

    The alexander pub. computer is interesting for refence ,just to get a idea what It will take to get giga studio completely running without loss of power glitches .But that 800 mhz computer is right now exactly were my Pentium 3 450 computer was last year at this time[beginning of august,Nemesys said my Pentium 450 was more power than actually needed and I would be ready for the future ].
    Well hear it is a year later and my computer is seriously deficient.
    Im not complaining or blaming any one ,Im just saying keep that in mind before you run out and buy that $3995 dollar Pentium 800mhz from alexander publishing ,that it might only keep up Nemesys products for a year.
    I think ill just hang on to my 450 until the 1Giga Herz computers get cheap.
    For the time being Ill just keep the largest percentage of my recording projects straight audio ,and just use giga studio on a few tracks.

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    Re: HELP... new user - gigaDYING

    Just to mention that it simply might be to early to let the PC handle all the DSP stuff.
    Mixtreme a.o., here we come ...again?

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    Re: HELP... new user - gigaDYING

    If Collin\'s a film composer, he probably already has a digital desk (Yamaha?)and outboard effects gear.

    So, for GSt, I think the important things are two HD\'s and at LEAST 256 MBs of RAM. A PIII/slot 1 motherboard will probably go further for future upgrades.

    Some video boards cuase problems. I\'ve had good luck with Matrox.

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    Re: HELP... new user - gigaDYING

    Hi guys,
    Thanks Bill for this:
    If Collin\'s a film composer, he probably already has a digital desk (Yamaha?)and outboard effects gear.
    This is the best way, you should think of it, you don\'t need to spend $10,000.00 or more for the digital desk like Yamaha/Mackie is over killed, a $500.00 Tascam TM-D1000 would does the job (16-I/O TDIF/ADAT digital mixer was $1,300, www.tascam.com), of course you also need Pulsar or mixtreme cards. This case you only need about PIII or Athlon 450/600Mhz with about 256MB-DRAM then you don\'t have to worry that you must upgrate your PC. Hey, it\'s still cheaper than to get fully function of GigaStudio in PIII-800Mhz/756MB-RAM (~$4,000.00). Don\'t forget the pulsar I is on sale at Guitar-Center about $399.00 (it was $1295.00), hurry up, don\'t miss it!
    (I got 2 pulsars for $798.00. I\'m a cheap guy, I\'ve always wanted to pay LESS with MORE quality, don\'t laugh on me!)
    Good lucks,

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