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Topic: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

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    A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    Hi Guys,

    Finaly here is my First Sound-track, it´s an accion movie-short, and Director didn´t let me any pause, then is a continued score.. realy hard work!!,

    hope you like it


    Many thanks to Dan Kury for his Mix-suport and tutorials, he´s a MASTER!,

    Diego Montesinos.
    "God is Love"

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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    superb work !!

    very dramatic and tells a story without me knowing the plot....very important IMO

    what sample libraries and gear did you use ?

    how did you do that tempo slow down at +/- (30 sec; bar 17, 140000 samples) ? > with what sequencer ?

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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    Very impressive piece! And very powerful.

    I'd also like to know what you used to make this beauty.

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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    Many Thanks Guys,

    Hope i can show you the movie soon!!

    Strings: GOS, Gigaharp.

    Brass: DDBE, DDSB

    Woods: DDSW

    Percusion: LOP,UT, Miroslav P, and others....

    Sec: Logic,

    Mix: Samplitude 7.0 wiht Waves trueverb Ozone2 and others..

    Diego M.
    "God is Love"

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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    hello deigo, this is yet another great piece of music from you. man, i love all your previous music, and this is as good as ever. wish you the best for success.

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    Cool Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    WOW, Incredible piece. I cannot even imagine the amount of work you've put into this. How long does it take to do a piece like this from start to finish.

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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    Very nice work, but there is considerable clipping. That is the only thing I can find wrong. Keep it up, you will be were all of us want to be. Hollywood.
    Adam Frechette
    Alternate Future Productions, LLC. CEO
    Composition | Web Design
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    - www.etherealdarkness.com
    - www.audiostreet.net/adamfrechette

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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    Brilliant piece Diego....very complex and skilful. It left me breathless.
    It must be written for some sort of chase or where there is a story with a great deal of anguish and turmoil and action?
    Your writing, orchestration and mastery of the use of samples seems to have increased greatly since your pieces of a year or two ago.....or were they always this good??


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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    Amazing work , beautiful composition !
    The amount of work you put into this can be heard very easily D.Montesinos .

    Very good use of the samples too , GOS sounds very nice and the brass too .
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: A 10 Minutes piece of Mine

    too bad you don't have trumpet double-tongue samples...

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