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Topic: hurchalla

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    I followed your advice about optimizing my system, but somehting still is not right. Can you help?

    Before - I was running CW9.0 and GigaSampler on a Pent II 400 MHz, 126 k Ram, both loaded on an 8 Gb Maxtor 5400. With 2 gigs of free space on the Maxtor, and one particularly large song, I was playing back 24 tracks of wav within CWPA with 5% CPU and no indication of disk usage.

    After - I followed the recommendations of both the Cakewalk and Nemesys users groups to optimize my system for DAW. I bought a 20 Gb Quantum 7200 HD, installed it in series with my CD onto the second IDE channel of my motherboard, and created 5 partitions on the 2 independent HDs, i.e., on the Maxtor I have C: - 512 kb for Win98_ed2; D: -6.5 Gb intended for GS giga files; and E: 1 gig for temp and swap file. Quantum F: 10 Gb for wave files, and G; 10 Gb for programs including CW and GS. After much travail and several reinstalls, the computer is happy with everything installed except for GS. The problem shows up already with CW. I have DMAs checked, the correct listings for where the wave files are both in Audio advanced and Global Options. Play back of the 24 track song with 6 Gb available disk space on the first partition of the Quantum 7200, the indicators show 25% CPU usage, 100% disk and CW drops out after 5 sec. If I move the wave files to the 2nd partition of the Maxtor 5400 (D with 4 Gb of available disk, the 24 tracks play back without drop out with the indicators showing 13% CPU and 60% disk usage. Instead of making it better, my attempt at optimization has made it worse. I have Catera\'s diskbench but don\'t know how to use it, i.e., when CW is running or not. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????? Please help!

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    Re: hurchalla

    For starters... You should probably not install a CD drive as master and then a HD as slave on the same IDE channel - try doing it the other way around - I don\'t know how you got the idea that what you was doing was \'optimization\' of anything! I can\'t say for sure that is the problem, but at least you should try it.

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    Re: hurchalla

    You can\'t put both CW WAV files and Gigasamples on the same physical drive and expect to get high performance out of it. Use your Quantum for either CW WAV file *OR* Gigasamples, but not both. Otherwise, both programs will be battling it out for access time on the drive.

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