Before - I was running CW9.0 and GigaSampler on a Pent II 400 MHz, 126 k Ram, both loaded on an 8 Gb Maxtor 5400. With 2 gigs of free space on the Maxtor, and one particularly large song, I was playing back 24 tracks of wav within CWPA with 5% CPU and no indication of disk usage.

After - I followed the recommendations of both the Cakewalk and Nemesys users groups to optimize my system for DAW. I bought a 20 Gb Quantum 7200 HD, installed it in series with my CD onto the second IDE channel of my motherboard, and created 5 partitions on the 2 independent HDs, i.e., on the Maxtor I have C: - 512 kb for Win98_ed2; D: -6.5 Gb intended for GS giga files; and E: 1 gig for temp and swap file. Quantum F: 10 Gb for wave files, and G; 10 Gb for programs including CW and GS. After much travail and several reinstalls, the computer is happy with everything installed except for GS. The problem shows up already with CW. I have DMAs checked, the correct listings for where the wave files are both in Audio advanced and Global Options. Play back of the 24 track song with 6 Gb available disk space on the first partition of the Quantum 7200, the indicators show 25% CPU usage, 100% disk and CW drops out after 5 sec. If I move the wave files to the 2nd partition of the Maxtor 5400 (D with 4 Gb of available disk, the 24 tracks play back without drop out with the indicators showing 13% CPU and 60% disk usage. Instead of making it better, my attempt at optimization has made it worse. I have Catera\'s diskbench but don\'t know how to use it, i.e., when CW is running or not. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????? Please help!