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Topic: Xpander Liquid Grooves vs. Backbeats

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    Xpander LG vs. Backbeat


    I'm looking to expand RMX for pop, rock, power ballads, and some mellow stuff. I'll most likely be getting both Backbeat and LG (and all of the Xpanders!) at some point but will start with one. What are the differences/applications, etc. between them, so I can determine which one to start with?

    Having the same groove flexibility in RMX will be incredible, as I love RMX!!!


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    Re: Xpander Liquid Grooves vs. Backbeats

    Check out the demos to start with:


    LG has more percussion and softer stuff. Drum loops are minimally played, with no song sections. It's great for multitrack building parts and is very organic and vibey.

    Backbeat is more in the Pop/Rock drums vein, with extensive song sections and fills. No percussion at all.

    Hope that's useful!


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    Re: Xpander Liquid Grooves vs. Backbeats

    Thank you Eric!! I think I'll start with BB but certainly will be getting LG also. I'm glad for those differences as it seems they would compliment each other. The way you have so carefully thought out RMX and the Xpanders, the whole "RMX system", is incredible. It is truly the most innovative software I own.

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    Re: Xpander Liquid Grooves vs. Backbeats

    I've got both of those. Sounds like backbeat is just what you want. I got burn' grooves yesterday and love that one,too. The huge bank of fills and all the different kiks and snares...yea baby!! (plus I got tickets yesterday to see abe jr. & McCartney in Nov.!)

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    Re: Xpander Liquid Grooves vs. Backbeats

    Quote Originally Posted by linwood
    see abe jr. & McCartney in Nov.!)
    Can you imagine the grooves being laid down in the Laboriel household? Yikes!

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