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Topic: My System Setup

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    My System Setup

    A few people have been asking about our sytem setups.

    MSI Motherboard, 256 megs Pc 100 ram on one system 128 megs on the other, 550 MHZ coppermine chip, I also try giga studio with the chip overclocked to 733MHz, works great both ways.
    Our sequencer of choice cubase vst. Sound cards sb live, Gina and delta 1010. Matrox G400 video card on one system and ati all in wonder pro on the other.

    Seem to work every time we build a system like this. The A-Bit mother boards are great also. ( almost any board with intel based chipset.)
    hope this helps

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: My System Setup

    Hello Papa chalk. Thanks. I presume that you are running GS on one system (256 meg) with the sequencer on the other? Which card(s) are you using with GS? How about some more detail, especially on any windows tweaking for the GS system, hard disk setup, etc, for which various opinions have been posted on this forum? (Well, it would be nice if nemesys would post a detailed setup guide to get the most out of GS/Gstud, but we would appreciate it if you could let us know exactly what works for you). And does your system work well for playing live, as well as with a sequencer (which gives you better control over the amount of info going to GS at one time): i.e., can you bang the blazes out of your keyboard without running into trouble (artifacts, etc) on the GS system?

    thanks again,

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    Re: My System Setup

    These setups have no Tweaking. loaded giga it\'s worked since. We\'ll actually... the main thing I would say to watch for is how your sound card is setup in your sequencer(I use cubase). If you don\'t define which output is assigned to giga and which is assigned to your sequencer like cubase thats where problems could start. The sequencer is on the same system as giga in both systems we have.
    I havn\'t run into any artifacts, etc. while playing/sequencing (banging the blazes) so far.
    we\'ve also updated to 2.01

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: My System Setup

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by PaPa Chalk:
    [B]These setups have no Tweaking.

    Hi again. Do you mean that you are using all the default Windows settings, (e.g. read-ahead optimization \"on\", not setting to \"network server,\" not setting vcache max and min to the same number, leaving write-behind caching or whatever it\'s called \"on,\" not disabling graphic animation, and things like that, etc, etc)? A lot of these things have become standard folklore for audio, so it would be very interesting if things are working well for you without doing any of these things! (Would save a lot of time, too, if a fresh installation of Windows could be left alone!)

    By the way, which audio card(s) are you using with GS?

    thanks again,

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    Re: My System Setup

    That’s Correct fresh install of windows. sound Cards we use with giga Studio are the Gina by echo, Delta 1010 and sb live. We\'ve also tried it both in network mode and desktop.
    Haven’t changed anything.
    As I said before most problems we found in the past were related to configuration of the sound card with the sequencer and/or driver problems. We\'ve been lucky I guess. What I find is many people have to tweak there systems because they are trying to get the most out of their system with less than the minimum recommended hardware that the manufacture specifies. we usally go with a little more than that, for example if they say min 64megs ram we go with 128 megs or more.

    PaPa Chalk

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