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Topic: Vertical piano roll : join the club !

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    Vertical piano roll : join the club !

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    I suggested on the Samplitude and Nuendo forums to display a vertical piano roll, arguing that the classical horizontal piano roll is at first illogical, but mainly so uncomfortable...

    I had absolutely no success at all.

    ( http://forum.nuendo.com/phpbb2/viewt...light=vertical )

    It shouldn’t be a big deal to develop, thought...

    Am I alone in this world to need a vertical piano roll ?

    Maybe Nuendo’s forum is the wrong one, for this kind of request... Not much composers who use it yet, I don’t know...

    But I can’t post on all other editor’s forums of which I don’t own the soft... I don’t want to be fired and blacklisted by regular owners !

    I feel so alone...


    The poor guy who nobody listens to.

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    Re: Vertical piano roll : join the club !

    OK, no more success here...


    I’ll have to build my own sequencer...

    No choice.

    Good luck to myself.

    (We never know, It could help...)

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    Re: Vertical piano roll : join the club !

    Why not just rotate the monitor?

    Seriously, horizontal piano rolls sure make more sense to me. Musical notation goes from left to right with higher notes higher and lower notes lower!

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    Re: Vertical piano roll : join the club !

    Hi, Nick.

    Why not just rotate the monitor?
    That’s what I do. (I bought a dual head only for it.)
    But I have to rotate the mouse too... And my head to read menus... (You understand why the option would be welcome...)

    I just can’t (and refuse) to read an horizontal piano roll.

    I find it so artificial.

    For example we get a little range if it’s horizontal : it’s hard to read a 9 octaves range when it’s on the little side of the screen. With a vertical piano roll, the range is on the largest side...

    And for the pianist I am, it’s so much more readable (and natural) when the keyboard is in the real position...

    I don’t need a score. (That we have in Nuendo otherwise...)

    I need a good midi tool for a DAW.

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    Re: Vertical piano roll : join the club !

    I've kind of always felt the same way, but was ashamed to mention it. It seems illogical to me to have the piano sideways like that. I think, personally, it would be much easier for me to understand it if it where layed out like I was looking at a piano.

    That's why I have to use a notation program instead of a sequencer most of the time.

    If you make a sequencer like that, I'd buy it.

    But hasn't it been done before? I just can't remember the name of the program.

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    Re: Vertical piano roll : join the club !


    Joseph, you’re my first honorary member.

    But hasn't it been done before? I just can't remember the name of the program.
    Try a research in Google’s images, and you’ll note that they are absolutely ALL horizontal, except... two of them.

    A freeware...


    And a shareware.

    For MAC.

    (I’m PC... Bouhouou....)

    (I’m so desperate...)

    That's why I have to use a notation program instead of a sequencer most of the time.
    Unfortunately, I never quantize my work, not even with tempi variations. It’s just a nightmare to put my work in a score. It’s like trying to put a cube in a triangle. (You know, those kind of baby toys...) ...I just gave up.

    That’s why I absolutely need a very good piano roll with a pure graphical approach to edit my music.

    And you’ll notice that I can’t even print it !

    Softsampler developers are so much conditioned by the classical way of making music...
    They don’t think DAW. They start from what already exist, which is, in my opinion, a big mistake with computers.

    A DAW is a new tool which implies a new approach.

    And last but no least, a larger piano roll with larger keys could allowed to see easily several tracks in the same window, as the width of the keys permit to put several notes in it, with different colors, for examples.

    Damn, why can’t we see several tracks in the same piano roll window ?

    So typical !

    This is a very basic feature, though...

    And why can’t we see the real duration of notes with pedal down ? (Instead of the note on / note off duration) The result is that if you use the pedal, you never see what you hear, or hear what you see...Very, very frustrating, and first of all, inconvenient !

    Etc... etc...

    Really, the ideal midi tool doesn’t exist for me now. We are very far from what we can get.

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    Re: Vertical piano roll : join the club !

    There was a superb example of a vertical piano roll, which was much better than those linked here (I think) which was produced by a British company Digital Muse. The sequencer was called 'Virtuoso' and came out around 1989.....when things were new, fresh and clean! It ran on the ubiquitous Atari but was, unfortunately, short lived. I still have the review in Sound on Sound I think.


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