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Topic: shared IRQ

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    shared IRQ

    Is there a problem if I have the audio card (EMU APS) and the AGP video card (Voodoo3) sharing the same IRQ? Shall I expect any crashes or clicks/glitches?
    Is it recommendable to change the place of the audio card? - the alternativce would be to put the SCSI controller next to the AGP slot, so it will be the SCSI sharing the IRQ with the AGP. What shall I do? I don\'t have any other free slots.


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    Re: shared IRQ

    In general, it\'s better for an audio card to be on it\'s own interrupt than to share one. If you are not using USB, turn it off in the BIOS. That will free up an interrupt. If having the SCSI controller next to the AGP slot is your only choice for PCI card arrangements, then that\'s preferrable to having the APS next to it.

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