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Topic: New features / bugfixes

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    New features / bugfixes

    Great to finally have the 1.6 update (it\'s on the Nemesys site). Does anyone know what things are changed/fixed. Nemesys didn\'t make a read me file or something that explains the changes. As far as I can tell none of the request are in the program!

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    Re: New features / bugfixes

    I found the editor bug is fixed - it starts up much faster now, without checking the Hard Drive for GIG files.
    The polyphony problem seems to be solved.
    Can´t find anything more. None of the major improvements is done like bosting lodness to more then +6 db, individual level settings for layers, or more MIDI channels.
    I´d say 1.6 is a bugfix, not an real update. But thanx, now the machine works!

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