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Topic: Aark 20 bit A/D

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    Aark 20 bit A/D

    I use the Aark 20/20+ sound card. It does 20-bit A/D and D/A.
    I also have Cakewalk PA9

    I am wondering, if the Aark is doing 20-bit conversions but I then create a .wav file of my work in Cwalk in 16-bit, am I defeating the purpose of the Aark\'s capability to convert 20-bit A/D.

    Cwalk PA9 seems to be able to do 16-bit as well as 24-bit but I don\'t see the 20-bit option in there.

    What am I missing?

    I see killerbobjr also has an Aark, so if you could tell me how you\'re doing it with your system.

    My goal is to capture and maintain the 20-bit depth.

    thanks for the help, anyone.

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    Re: Aark 20 bit A/D

    Yes, you are auto-converting your 20bit samples to 16bit in CW.

    Go into Options|Audio, General tab, set \"Audio driver bit depth\" to 24, \"File bit depth\" to 24, go to Advanced tab, check \"Unpack > 16 bit audio\" and \"Left-justify unpacked data.\" Click okay, restart CW, then run Wave Profiler again. Make sure that the resultant buffers under the Device Profiles tab are a multiple of three (mine are 768 for stereo, 384 for mono). If they aren\'t, manually change them. Restart CW again and you are all set.

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    Re: Aark 20 bit A/D

    Thanks, killerbobjr. You are amazing with your knowledge!!!
    I did all you recommended. My question is that are all my wrk. projects still doomed to the 16-bit.
    I would assume so since all my waves have been auto-converted from 20-bit to 16 bit.
    I guess, onced converted, they can never be undone, so to speak.

    So the next question, is about CD-burning - once I have created a .wav file of my music and let\'s say it is 44.1/20-bit. When I decide to create an audio CD, my software will just automatically burn at the sample rate and bit-depth of my .wav file? Or does it set an automatic 44.1/16-bit. The software is Nero 5.0, and I haven\'t seen any setting in it that allows for a sample rate/bit-depth choice. I just want to make sure I\'m getting and maintaining sample rate and bit depth quality from beginning to the end.

    Thanks for your time. Sorry to bombard you with so many questions.

    [This message has been edited by R & S Hanlon (edited 07-18-2000).]

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    Re: Aark 20 bit A/D

    Killerbobjr. I forgot to also ask you, why do you opt for the 24-bit depth on the audio driver bit and File bit depth. I see the audio driver has the option of 20-bit (I thought since the Aark is 20-bit max then 24-bit would be impossible to convert at). I also see the File Bit Depth only offers 16 and 24 bit, so you just opt for the higher bit depth?

    Any explanation for this-just trying to understand.


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    Re: Aark 20 bit A/D

    I guess, onced converted, they can never be undone, so to speak.

    That is correct. However, new WRK projects will now default to 24 bits.

    So the next question, is about CD-burning

    The best fidelity is achieved with a dedicated software plugin or audio editor with bit depth reduction -- the Waves L1 Ultramaximizer plugin is the best I\'ve heard. Cool Edit 2000 has a pretty good processor as well. Some CD burners, such as Red Roaster, also have decent convertors in them, but the cheaper ones (like Nero) usually don\'t. You\'ll want to convert all your WAV files to 16/44.1 before creating a CD layout.

    why do you opt for the 24-bit depth on the audio driver bit and File bit depth.

    Because CW wants it that way. The Aark automatically down converts 24 bit to 20 bits in hardware, so your software doesn\'t have to work as hard. And if you set file bit depth to 24, all your 24 bit audio will be down converted to 16 bit, regardless of whether you are recording and playing back at 24 bits or not.

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    Re: Aark 20 bit A/D

    so, killerbobjr. is Cakewalk set up that whatever sampling rate/bit depth and file depth you have set up, these are the settings that a .wav file is made up of.

    So, in fact, if I record at 20-bit and export it at the set-up 24-bit then is it safe to say that the .wav file is 20-bit. And if so, when I decide to burn it to a CD, the 20-bit depth is what I\'m listening to when I play it back in my CD player? I\'m still not sure what\'s getting preserved 9in terms of bit-depth) in this three step process of recording, making a .wav and burning a CD. Cakewalk allows one to export audio as a wav but it doesn\'t ask what sampling rate/bit-depth to export it as. Whereas if you export audio as a MP3, cakewalk let\'s you set these parameters up.

    BTW, I checked out L1 maximizer and it seems like a great program (unfortunately, it\'s only in bundle and the price is at $500-actually not bad, but it will have to wait).

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    Re: Aark 20 bit A/D

    All your WAV files will be saved in 24 bit, unpacked format. If you do absolutely no post-processing on them, the lowest 4 bits will always be 0. If you normalize, eq, compress, or do any sort of destructive editing, those last 4 bits will be changed. So either way, you will always have 24 bits in your WAV files.

    The MP3 encoder automatically quantizes your 24bit/44.1KHz WAV file to a 128bit/sec streaming, compressed, sound file. You still need to convert the 24/44.1 to 16/44.1 somehow for CD burning.

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