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Topic: second hard drive

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    second hard drive

    I added a 6.4 gig hard drive to my computer to run giga LE.I have two problems.When I bring up properties for the new drive it says it is only a 1.3 gig capacity.It\'s a new drive and I formatted it.Also when I install Gigasampler LE on the new drive,I get a software has performed an illegal operation warning and stops the install.I installed it on C drive and it installed.I\'m lost.Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: second hard drive

    I\'m not sure why gigasampler isn\'t installing, but try running FDISK from DOS. The reason you\'re only getting 1.3 gig could be because the drive isn\'t partitioned right. In FDISK, the drive should show up as a 6.4 gig. From there, you can partition it however you like. Hope this helps.

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