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Topic: More headphone advice...

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    More headphone advice...

    Ok, I already have a pair of Sony MDR-7506s and I love them. The problem is that my roommate can get noisey at times and it's hard to concentrate on music, let alone concentrate on anything at all. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good pair on headphones that blocked out all, or at least most, external sounds, are fairly comfortable so I could wear them for a while, and good flat sound to them. Any suggestions?

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    Re: More headphone advice...

    You can't do much better than the 7506s. I believe that the Sennheiser HD 280 Pros block a bit more sound, but only by a couple of dB. Not enough to make a difference. You can get noise cancelling headphones, but they typically have terrible bass response, and they don't do well with transients - or roommates.

    Maybe if you wear a foil hat, cite diabolic cantations and burn really crappy incense, you can drive *him* out of the room.


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    Re: More headphone advice...

    So what you're saying is, don't cancel out the noise, cancel the source of the noise? So then then there arne't really any good options to block out the sound? Other than convicing him to just be quite, which I've found is rather difficult at times...

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    Re: More headphone advice...

    I've got a video from a Quincy Jones studio session. Quincy asks Miles Davis if those Headphones he's wearing are ok?

    Miles: As long as they don't f**k up my hair

    Kid: When I become an adult I wanna be a musician.
    Parent: Son, you cannot become both.

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    Re: More headphone advice...

    Thanks for the link Lee. I'll check them out.

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    Re: More headphone advice...

    FWIW, here's a review of the Senn HD 280 Pro headphones. They claim 32 dB of isolation, but that's only at a few frequencies. This article remonds us that a single isolation number doesn't really matter. You really want to see the graph.


    I bought the 280s to replace some junk closed phones that I had bought for about $40. The junk cans were hollow and parabolically shaped, so they actually acoustically *amplified* the mid frequencies in the voice range. Exactly the range I wanted to cancel!


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    Re: More headphone advice...

    The Elymotics might be the right choice...



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    Re: More headphone advice...

    Maybe you could connect a thick red strap, so you could grap the rip-cord and yank those things out of your ears at the first bad transient!

    I have the same concern, but if isolation is the main purpose, these have closed headphones beat by a mile. You could even wear sound isolation ear muffs on top of these and increase isolation even further. (They might balk the rip-cord though...)

    It's probably not terribly risky to use these with samples. I wouldn't touch them for live tracking. Strangely, in-ear are mainly used in the riskiest environment - live, on stage. The in-ear stage monitors usually include compressors/limiters for this reason.


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    Re: More headphone advice...

    I'd still vote for ditching the roommate.

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    Re: More headphone advice...

    Thanks for all of the sugestions. I'll look into some of these options. And no Bruce, ditching my roommate isn't an option. He's actually a pretty good roommate. He just likes to play his music loud...

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