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Topic: EIGHT PIANOS: Ostinato

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    Smile EIGHT PIANOS: Ostinato

    Part 5 of a 5-part suite (only 2 of which are completed as of this posting) -- here on AcidPlanet. In this series ("Eight Pianos") I set out to explore unconventional assemblages of instruments strictly for the sonic qualities without regard to playing in the (to me) "obsolete" concert hall.

    The piece is mastered in Cubase SX and is GPO and the ubiquitous "other".

    A previous component of this suite is also available here ("Scherzo"). The remaining pieces to come are 1] "Toccata", 2] "Ballad" and 4] "Nocturne".


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    Re: EIGHT PIANOS: Ostinato

    Kevin this is really...amazing. You are really pushing your technique, and it's very commendable. I'm looking forward to hearing the complete piece.

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    Re: EIGHT PIANOS: Ostinato

    You're definitely going somewhere with this, Kevin! It's darned well positively infectious!

    Technically, the sensation of space in this mix is also impressive.

    Stop hanging around the forums and go finish this, so I can hear the rest of it!


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