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Topic: HArddisk Quest Continued

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    HArddisk Quest Continued

    Hello there,

    So I am an art-director, making music in my free time and when I work at home I also use it for 3D, image storage, lay-outs etc.

    I have one comp to do all this a K6II500
    With two Ide 2,1gig harddrives (not the fast big onces of now, but reasonable)
    and 256 MB intern

    For music making I mainly use harddware samplers, synth etc. in a midi enviroment that doesn\'t really need a lot of cpu power or HD space.
    I recently bought GIG sampler and will need more HD space of course.
    I am planning to buy an IDE Maxtro UDM66 7200rpm HD, 15 gig or so, they seem as I read in the forum, fast enough for the job.

    Now here is my question,
    what should be the best way to set this all up, I would like to have my images on the new HD aswell as my GIG samples and other audio files since they read, and save faster then.

    I am thinking to use one of my old IDE\'s for the OS only, and another one for my software only. And the fast new HD for my audio en images.

    It would be best if I could run my software and my storage for images/ audio on the same new faster HD, would seperate my new Maxtor (not bought yet) into Partitions be a good solution?
    Or was my initial idea so to seperate everything over 3 harddisks better?

    Or is there even a better solution?

    I will use Gigsampler not as heavy as some of you may do outthere. I\'m not depended
    on only Gigs for my samples and will always keep working with my hardware samplers that are great aswell.

    Thx for any suggestion.


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    Re: HArddisk Quest Continued

    You might want to check out \"Recommend a second hard drive\" topic in this forum. LHong had some advice for me regarding three hard drives (which you will have after you buy your new one).

    It would seem you could just use the new 15 GB HD for your Gigasamples and stored images but you should probably partition it (partition Magic was recommended to me- but haven\'t bought it yet).
    And all your programs (including the gigasampler program) could go into your existing 2.1 GB HD.

    I was told the fastest drive should be the one that holds your actual gig instruments.

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