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Topic: Remote control of PC

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    Remote control of PC

    I have been experimenting with Gigastudio at gigs. I use an old 133 mhz laptop running 98se for my midi backing tracks and a desktop running XP Pro for GS. The desktop has an M-Audio 2496 installed so the sound is pristine. The desktop is controlled by Radmin remote control software over a 10 mhz LAN. The laptop acts as the keyboard, monitor and mouse for the desktop. Radmin works quite well, with usable screen updates. Much faster than PCAnywhere.

    When I am running in full screen mode my laptop effectively becomes the desktop - so much so that I've often gotten confused and hunted around for files on the wrong computer.

    The desktop also has Sonar installed so I regularly use the combination of the two for remote recording at my local folk club. Recently I also used it to record and mix a quicky 5 song demo. Unfortunately my home computer is too bogged down with software to be a reliable DAW.

    The quiet PC discussion got me to thinking. Has anyone else tried this? Why not relocate the PC in a closet and control it via a LAN and remote software from a decent laptop? I'm running with only 20 refresh's a second. No reason that couldn't be upped if I was using a 100mhz link.

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