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Topic: How to work with two pc.... SOMEBODY HELP ME

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    Unhappy How to work with two pc.... SOMEBODY HELP ME

    Hi Guys

    I have got two PCs

    PC 1 (MAster )

    Amd Card , 2gb ram , 80 gbHD sata ,120 gb HD id,
    connected to 828 mk2

    Pc 2 (slave)

    P4 ,1 gb ram ,!20 gb hd id internal sb live sound card .

    Software Cubase Sx 2.1 and some vst plugins

    i want to work on both computers at same time as in

    my master pc runs the Sequencer and my slave pc runs the plugins
    in sync with eact other

    i tried FX teleport i dosent work spend couple of months figuring
    can any one tell me how to go about it
    do i have to buy a sound card hope not because budget crunch lol


    Thank you

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    Re: How to work with two pc.... SOMEBODY HELP ME

    try this.

    midi connection = 2-3ms latency right? so run your seq on one computer, then send 16 midi channels (live optional) to your sampling/vsti monster.

    Havn't done this myself yet, but plan on linking my 2 machines via rewire and spdif connections. (one to feed another). i hopethis will work. You can always just use one to record the audio signal from your main pc.

    Luckily I have a extra audiophile 2496, with spdif connection, can record digital at 24 bits...

    ps.. what I really want to do is link 2 separate reasons.


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