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Topic: Recommend a second hard drive

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    Recommend a second hard drive

    I have a 8GB Seagate Cheetah (Dual Ultra wide SCSI). It\'s not enough space for all the gigs I have and will be getting, along with the audio files I store. So I want to get a second hard drive.

    I went to PC Mall.com and found some inexpensive Ultra IDE drives, specifically the ones recommended by the Gigastudio ReadMe files (IBM Deskstar, Seagate Ultra IDE 7200RPM,)

    Would there be conflicts with buying a Ultra IDE drive and running it along with my Cheetah SCSI drive.

    Second question: Has anyone notice that big of a giga performance difference between the SCSI and Ultra IDE drive.

    Any recommendations/suggestions as to a second hard drive buy?


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    Re: Recommend a second hard drive

    If you are willing to spend somewhat more for the fastest HD around....http://www.onvia.com/usa/products/in...atalog=2539455

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