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Topic: GS crashing

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    GS crashing


    Are there any tweeks that I might do to keep
    my system from crashing. I have LogicAudio 4.2 with a DS2416 that runs great by itself. But then I added a Darla24 and GS to the same machine. I can run midi using Logic/Darla/GS without any problems...great as a matter of fact! But then when I add audio tracks via the DS2416 the computer keeps crashing. I can record DA fine. It\'s just playback that crashes.
    I don\'t have much in the way of gig instruments loaded, and the DA crashes with just 2 tracks. Thanks for any help.

    Rest of system specs:
    Cel300a o/c to 450
    Abit BH6
    DS2416 (DSP Factory)/AX16/Spirit328 mixer
    256megs Micron Ram
    16meg RivaTNT graphics card
    Adaptec2940 UW scsi controller
    VikingII scsi HD for DA
    Matrox IDE HD for programs

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    Re: GS crashing

    Maybe a third drive to separate the GS streams from the Logic audio streams?

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    Re: GS crashing


    Thanks for the reply. In all I have 2 IDE drives and the VikingII(for DA streams) on a scsi line. I haven\'t tried the second IDE because it looked like the slowest drive of the bunch when doing Echo\'s benchmark tests. I\'ll have to check it out with this configuration. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I\'ve tried running the the DS2416 in Logic in \"PC-AV mode\". Seems to be running alittle better though I can\'t use the sound cards efx I\'ve been over on pricewatch.com checking out prices.....might have to build a second system to get the performance I want.

    Emagic has generally recommended not messing with the cache functions. Do you think tweeking this might help? Any idea how much cache to give it?

    Thanks again,


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    Re: GS crashing

    The general suggestion lately has been 25%, but it is a trade off.
    Cache allows notes/sounds which are being repeatedly used to be accessed faster. This can help overcome pops sometimes.
    ON the other hand, the more ram you dedicate to cache, the less you have to load the samples into in the first place.....

    So it kind of depends on the style of your music believe it or not.
    In the end, the ultimate answer seems to be a humungous amount of ram.

    BTW. Maybe you should use the slowpoke drive for your apps, and the faster drives for tracks and voices.

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