I just bought that wonderful Unitor8 MK2 from Emagic. Well wonderful it is, apart from the fact that it seems to crash Cubase once about 1-2 working hours. Not very nice. All of the sudden Cubase just won\'t play any MIDI (cursor doesn\'t move when play is activated). I can save, even edit etc., but I have to reboot my machine to get MIDI working again. I also get a blue screen with some VXD file error sometimes when I then exit Cubase.
I should add that I use the USB connection on the Unitor8 as that should give the best MIDI performance. Anyone who has any suggestions as to what might be wrong? It\'s really p*ssing me off that I often get cut off in the middle of something - it\'s very bad for motivation and inspiration.

Any help would be highly appreciated!