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Topic: MOTU II

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    Does anybody experience the same problem?
    I am trying to run GSt using MOTU microexpress (parallel port) and SBL Live!. However as soon as I install the SBL, Windows find a new hardware - SB16 emulation and without asking, installs software for it. This prevents MOTU from working (the MOTU driver insists that the IRQ has been allocated to another device, which is not true (as seen in the control system). Problem is that the SB-emulation does not appear anywhere in the system settings so it is not possible to deactivate it or deinstall it. Does anobody know how I could get rid of this?

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    Re: MOTU II

    I think you can find the entry in either autoexec.bat or config.sys. Try disabling SB there.

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    Re: MOTU II

    Hi Toby!
    I finally found the SB emulation in the Control Panel/System. It was somewhere where I did not expect it and after dissabling it everything works. But thanks for the tip anyway.


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