In case any of you get non-Maxtor ATA/UDMA harddrives (i.e. IBM Deskstar), and then decide to add a Maxtor, here\'s a piece of info to consider. If you use the Maxtor MaxBlast software to setup/partition the Maxtor, make sure you disconnect your non-Maxtor harddrives from your system first, and only then boot up to the MaxBlast floppy. Otherwise, MaxBlast will overwrite your other harddrives\' BIOS (written directly to the harddrive) with Maxtor\'s EZBios, which will cause the PC not to recognize the partitions on those drives. In case this happens, though, there is a way to disable EZBios on non-Maxtor harddrives by booting up from MaxBlast floppy again, then going to Advanced Options and uninstalling EZBios on drives you don\'t want it on.

Just wanted to tell you guys \'cause this is not documented in the Maxtor instructions, and it might drive one crazy who doesn\'t know much about this BIOS stuff.

On with music once again. :-)

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