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Topic: New composition: opinions needed and welcomed !

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    Smile New composition: opinions needed and welcomed !

    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen !

    I'm just finished composing this piece of music.
    It's a little bit crazy at the beginning and at the end but for those who dislike disonant music there's a more consonant part in the middle of the piece. This is not the final mix but I'm really interested in getting some opinions ! It's a somewhat long piece: about 7 min. It was done with VSL Pro ed and Gigapiano1.

    You can download it here:


    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: New composition: opinions needed and welcomed !

    Ey Michaël, I'm very curious! I'm into atonal music myself with, for one, the clustering technique. But unfortunately your link is dead on my end. Take a look at it, plz.

    Siddhartha Barnhoorn


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    Re: New composition: opinions needed and welcomed !

    Sid you can get it from here http://michael.goldberg.free.fr/demos/

    Very strange and interesting composition Mikhail , i liked the SFX and the voiceovers , the overall production is real nice and VSL sounds great .
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: New composition: opinions needed and welcomed !

    Oh yes... the french and their "musique contemporaine", with their Boulez and their IRCAM...

    Really nice composition! The writing for the piano and the woodwinds is great. Gets a bit too classical in the middle, for my taste. What I find a bit strange is that the sound gets some kind of very big for some moments, but I rather had the impression I was listeing to chamber music. In the sample world we can of course make appear a 80 heads orchester, for 5 chords, but as this is some kind of classical piece it might be better to fix the setup in the beginning. I'd say only piano and woodwinds. And the strings and brass don't sound as good as the woods and the piano, IMO. So you might consider this.. (would be easier to get performed as well...)

    Keep up the good work,

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