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Topic: OT: Startup Floppy / Recovery CD

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    OT: Startup Floppy / Recovery CD

    The recent "Back Up" thread got me to thinking.

    Just out of curiosity-

    How many of you keep a bootable recovery CD (XP/2k) or startup floppy (98) around?


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    Re: OT: Startup Floppy / Recovery CD

    Actually, you can boot off every XP cd, do a repair etc. If you have NTFS file format, dos disks wont be any good anyway.
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    Re: OT: Startup Floppy / Recovery CD

    Well, I didn't read that thread you mention. But I always have boot floppies at home ever since my computer became infected by a nasty virus back in 1996. Nowadays I also have a complete image of the system drive so that I quickly can get going without reinstallation.

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