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Topic: K2 Instruments quickload problem

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    K2 Instruments quickload problem

    In bigger view & large view quick loading instruments from the "Load/Save" menu doesn't work in all cases.
    If the search tree is to deep (eg. 01 - VSL Kontakt Orchestra 01 Violin Ensemble) the final text column doesn't become orange - and the instrument cannot be loaded).

    Has anybody made the same expierience?
    (This under Windows XP, Matrox Pharhelia card, double screens)

    :-) Jovan

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    Re: K2 Instruments quickload problem

    It doesn't work in any size of view, they probably have tested only the banks with one menu level
    have to report tech support,

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    Re: K2 Instruments quickload problem

    here is the reply from tech support:

    >This is a known issue which can be solved if you use the bigger size of Kontakt (View menu) and you select small font size in the options menu of Kontakt.
    We are currently working on a fix for this redraw problem.


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