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Topic: My polyphony has returned!!!

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    My polyphony has returned!!!

    Recieved the 1.60 LE update today...thanks Dave...Installed it but no improvement.Un installed GS and re installed 1.51 and then straight to 1.60...Yippie no more note stealing!! Now where\'s that Advance Orchestra CD...
    Happy in London

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    Re: My polyphony has returned!!!

    cool! 1.6 update available? can you tell me from where you get this can´t find something 2 download fom the nemesys page

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    Re: My polyphony has returned!!!

    Hi Holger!!
    I was sent the LE update on Monday as I\'d developed Polophony Problems last week when I\'d upgraded to 1.52 LE in order to install S-Converter....(S-Converter requires 1.52).But I believe 1.60 will be available on Weds.
    PS.Great work on AO Holger

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