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Topic: Gigastudio & Maxtor HD

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    Gigastudio & Maxtor HD

    Does anyone use a Maxtor harddrive in their GStudio system?

    I am running a GStudio successfully on a PIII 700, 528MB RAM, 2 x 37.5GB IBM Deskstar harddrives, Cubase VST24 and Darla24. I have to add another harddrive, and thinking of a Maxtor 61GB, which has the same specs as a 75GB IBM HD, yet the Maxtor is twice as cheap. Pricewatch.com lists them for around $265. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you guys!

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    Re: Gigastudio & Maxtor HD

    I use a 20 gig Maxtor Diamond Plus (last year model) and have had good results. It\'s a VERY quiet drive.


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    Re: Gigastudio & Maxtor HD

    I also installed an additional DiamondMax Plus 30.0 gig HD as my secondary master. Formatted it as one gigantic partition, and only place soundfonts, giga files, .krz, and other samples on it.


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    Re: Gigastudio & Maxtor HD

    I just added the Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40 30 GB ATA66 7200 rpm HD as the second HD in my system attached to an ATA66 controller card. I put all my Gigasamples on that drive and nothing else. So far, it seems to be working beautifully.

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