I added a second HD to my P-II 400 Hz 128 RAM system. I have a 20-bit Layla and a SB Live for A/D converters. The Master Disk is 8 Gb 5600 rpm, and the new slave is a 20 Gb 7200 rpm. I use Giga Sampler to convert Midi to Wav for my compositions. With GS and CW on the same HD, I can convert in 16 bit without dropout, but have many dropouts converting 2 tracks at the same time or converting in 20 bit. I am upgrading to GigaStudio. So, where is the best place to put GigaSmpler/Studio? I put 2, 10 Gb partitions on the new slave HD and formatted both to z:/32 according to Catena. He also recommends to record the wave data to the primary partition. So where is the optimal place for GS/GSt and the gigs? All together on the 1st partition, the second partition, on the primary HD recording to the 1st partition of the slave? Thanks for your help!!!