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Topic: New IBM ATA100 drives

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    New IBM ATA100 drives

    Anyone given any thought to running one of these new drives? I\'ve been using building Athlon systems as of late and have been having great luck everytime. Abit have their new Ka7-100 motherboard out with ata100 support and was just curious if anyone has had any experiences with it yet.

    Long live the Athlon!

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    Re: New IBM ATA100 drives

    Frankly I am pretty sure you\'d notice no difference going from ATA-66 to ATA-100. Afterall all tests indicate that you only get a very slight HD performance gain going from ATA-33 to 66. The access-time and cache size is probably more important when talking Gigasampler.


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    Re: New IBM ATA100 drives

    see my post about RAID controllers

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