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Topic: Strings, Vibraphone, Voices

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    Strings, Vibraphone, Voices

    I'm a new user - so this is all baby stuff (perhaps).

    First - In my generation, the Vibraphone had adjustable vibrato. I often write Vibraphone parts which feature faster or slower vibrato. Think of those Bernard Herrmann film scores (Journey to the Centre of the Earth, TDTESS) where there are two vibraphones set at different rates of vibrato. A vibraphone without it is simply a glockenspiel with a bad cold on steroids. How does one put the vibrato back into the vibraphone.

    Second - string ranges. How can one extend string ranges. For example, violins quite normally go up to the 4th E above middle C, and as high as the G or A above that - the E's a natural harmonic (think of the very last note of Scheherazade). The string set here goes only to the D just below it. I'm writing a cello concerto right now and I need some of those higher notes.

    Ditto with other strings.

    Is there a set of samples for voices - solo voices, chorus? If not, it's a must especially for those of us who write for chorus, soloists w/wo orchestra.

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    Re: Strings, Vibraphone, Voices

    Quote Originally Posted by music613
    Is there a set of samples for voices - solo voices, chorus? If not, it's a must especially for those of us who write for chorus, soloists w/wo orchestra.
    There has been word of a choral product. From what I know, it's on the far back burner...after solo violin, Big Band and GPO Advance. Which doesn't mean it won't happen...only that it's still a distant gleam in our eyes.

    Or at least as far as I know.

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    Re: Strings, Vibraphone, Voices


    The vibraphone has fully adjustable vibrato (to be more techically correct: tremolo). You must be using the updated version of the library. See the update documentation for details. http://www.garritan.com/support/GPOUpdate.pdf

    The string ranges are fixed unless you are using the full version of Kontakt. In the full version of Kontakt all things can be modified. Be aware that, for the present, GPO appears to be only fully compatible with Kontakt version 1.5, not the new 2.0.

    Garritan does not offer a choir at this time. You will need to explore the offerings of other manufacturers.


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    Re: Strings, Vibraphone, Voices

    Hi and welcome to the fourm.

    First of all, the vibrato on any vibraphone was an option that was switched on electronically. I know, I owned one for quite some years. OK, open your GPO stand alone and load in Vibraphone, KS. First things first. When you start playing use your foot pedal to activate the vibrato. If you want to set different rates of speed use the top upper right hand control knob on the kontakt player. It is clearly marked, "TRMSPD" Tremolo Speed. The one right next to it (left) controls the level of Tremolo.
    Hope this helps. It's all in the foot pedal.

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    Re: Strings, Vibraphone, Voices

    1) If you're using a MIDI host/sequencer, you could also route the vibraphone to a separate output and put any number of vibrato FX plugins on it. (EDIT: Looks like it's also supported on-board: I didn't know! )

    2) Check the different solo string versions of each instrument: some have an extended range.

    3) No choral voices yet. We'll get them someday!

    - m
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    Re: Strings, Vibraphone, Voices

    If I ever come just a bit short on a string range, I use the pitch wheel. Not the best solution in the world, but it works. And if you need to go even higher than the pitch wheel will allow (the string player's nightmare! ) I'm sure you can put a pitch adjustment after you get your audio file.

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: Strings, Vibraphone, Voices

    I personally, am going to wait until string harmonics are sampled for those higher notes. I have some sympathy for string players searching for notes up there! (I played contrabass for a time)
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